Rapid Mixture Granulator


Rapid Mixer Granulator : The Mixer is designed to meet special needs of tablet manufacturing technology Unique Design of Impeller reduces the process time as well as more homogenous mixing also uniformity in granule size. It is manufactured maintaining improved hygienic standards within the highest cGMP norms

Main Impeller : Main impeller maximizes micro-mixing of ingredients by effecting optimal diffusion, convection & shears irrespective of varying bulk densities, both during dry & wet mixing.

Discharge : The granules from main bowl in shortest time opening the discharge port.

Unique Design of Chopper : Ensure effective delumping of oversized agglomerates distribution of binder fluid & ideal compaction of granules.

Salient Features:

  • Different Models are available depending upon capacities

  • Unique design & constructional features for maximum yield

  • Minimum energy consumption

  • Flexibility in layout to suite production requirement

  • Optional dry blending & wet granulation for high density wet Granulate

  • Optional WIP & automation to confirm wit cGMP norms

  • WIP, binder feed delivery, powder lodging,

  • System optional

  • Optional standard mode /GMP Model/ FLP construction

  • Validation services including comprehensive IQ / OQ / DQ documentation for regulatory compliance

  • Operational controls available Electrical / Microprocessor / PLC system

Oscillating Granulator

GMP Model

Efficient and Versatile unit for particle size reduction of wet/ dry mass. Ideal for heat sensitive products

Oscillating granulator is extensively used wherever tablets or pellets are produced.

Oscillating granulator is used for both wet and dry granulation process, Oscillating granulator one can control granule size in manner as well as percentage of fine powder. Most suitable for uniform granulation depending upon the S.S Screen provided

Manufacturing Range :

1HP- 2 HP - 3HP