Double Cone Blender

It is composed of two truncated cones joined together by cylindrical section. A tight closing lid of the fast closing type for feeding material and a discharge butterfly valve at the end of the unit which aslo renders a perfect tightness

“The working capacity of the Blender is 65 % of total volume” The blender is recommended preferably when the product to be mixed having a similar density and particular size as well no lumping properties. Baffles are provided in bigger unit for intensive mixing.

The blending times is around 10 to 20 minutes (approx) as a maximum

Models available from capacity 5 Ltrs to 6000 Ltrs (Higher capacities on request)

Octagonal Blender

Most suitable for dry powder mixing of a small quantity active ingredient with large quantity of powder. A quantity relationship between components, higher than 1:100 can be mixed, effectively most common use for lubrications process in tableting department. Due to the shape of blender powder slides on the sides and mix well because of very low RPM. Therefore there is no impact on the powder/granules and it mix well. This machine is basically a container, which tumbles around its own axis driven by gear box and motor. Loading and Unloading is easy. Drum arrangement along with conical hopper arrangement is available.

Models available from capacity 5 ltrs. To 6000 Ltrs.(Higher capacities on request)

Vacuum transfer system is available (optional)

'V' Blender

It is formed by a cylindrical cut and welded at an angel carefully. calculated to result into a perfect V Shape. Two trunious are welded together to form a blender body.

The bottom edge of the chamber poses a butterfly discharge valve. Feeding and cleaning are working capacity of such type of blender is 50% of its total volume.

This type of blender is preferably adopted for process in products of different density and particle size.

In V Blender, the product fed inside are processed by tumbling and sliding which falls by gravity. It all results into the fact that no particle exists after blending. Thereby the unit produces a perfect blending in minimum period of time.

The blending time is around 3 to 10 minutes(approx) as a maximum.

Conta/Bin Blender

Blending/Mixing with the Single Step Transfer System Ideal equipment for blending within a closed environment and dust free operation. The Quality of the blending is achieved by the shape of the container without any internal baffles. The unit is most suitable for handling of different size containers by using a common drive.

Manufacturing Range: 150L to 1500L L

Ribbon Blender/Mixer

The Ribbon Blender does homogenous mixing of powder and granules of different densities. The Blender consists of Semi-cylindrical shell inside which rotates a shaft welded with spiral inner and outer ribbons,

The outer ribbon blades pushes the material at the centre of the container and simultaneously the inner ribbon blades pushes the material at the either ends od the container.

Ribbon Blenders comprises of curved horizontal ribbon, blades that provides easy operation which are mostly used by Chemicals, Plastics,Pharmaceuticals, Paints and Food industries. The ribbon blades of different designs are used to suit the need of different materials.

RIbbon Blenders are fabricated in capacities ranging from 50 litres to 5000 litres with material of construction SS316/SS316L

Mixing is achieved in 15 to 20 minutes


  • Variable speed drive

  • PLC controls with HMI touch screen

  • Jacket for heating and cooling

  • Explosion proof/ Flame proof electrical