Tray Dryer

Tray Dryer is mostly used in pharmaceutical industries, food, chemical and other industries. This is ideal for higher moisture content products where in the products where in the products have to be dried at low temperature for longer duration

Effective recirculating air system is provided on the tray dryer. Uniform air calculation at controlled temperature ensures proper drying and reduce drying time. Sturdy construction, large working space, loading and unloading of materials is faster and simple. For higher capacity dryers, tray trolleys roll in and out of the drying chamber. Digital temperature controller with digital timer is provided. Available in models of heating both electrical or steam. Flame proof construction is offered optional.

Fluid Bed Dryer

Salient Features :

  • Pre-air filtration by 20 micron filters.

  • Secondary AIR Filtration by 5 micron filters

  • FInal air filtration through HEPA (0.3 micron) filters as an optional feature

  • Air Dehumidification on special demand

  • Monoblock Construction: Retarding chamber & expansion chamber are made in single piece construction to enhance cGMP and facilitate hygienic cleaning

  • Solid Flow Sensor Monitor: Dust monitor installation to detect Leak on Filter bags to avoid Material Loss and Air Pollution.

  • Inlet / Outlet dampers have proportional control valve

  • Proportional control temp controller

  • Inlet / Exhaust Location: on service floor

  • Wash in Place

  • Control: By PLC with MMI colour monitor with printer as optional

  • Specially designed explosion flaps

  • Pneumatically inflated gaskets for bowl sealing & finger bag

  • Intrinsically safe system of earthing with low voltage

  • Steam radiator is SS Construction

  • Air preparation unit in SS 304

  • Pneumatic bag shaking